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It’s more than a smart thermostat.

What is HōlHōm?

Save money, save the environment, or just save time.  You can manage, monitor, and control your home energy use from anywhere at any time with HōlHōm.


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You’ve done the research and made your decision – you already know that you want HōlHōm!


HōlHōm Support

Already a HōlHōm owner?  We have all the information you need to install it, register it, use it, and troubleshoot any problems along the way.


Do you want more than just a smart thermostat for your interactive home energy management solution?

Are you just looking for a Smart Thermostat? Perfect, HōlHōm (pronounced whole home) is what you need. End of story. However… HōlHōm is a home energy controller and Wi-Fi gateway that happens to have a great built-in Teaching Thermostat. So you have OPTIONS! HōlHōm grows with your energy management needs. Unlike other thermostats, when you replace your existing thermostat with HōlHōm you get a Smart Teaching Thermostat with arguably the best comfort algorithms in the industry, an In-Home Energy monitor and display (showing your whole home energy consumption when paired to your ZigBee enabled Smart Meter), and the coolest feature – an energy gateway that can connect to other easy to install energy management devices. HōlHōm includes MyHōlHōm™ Web and Mobile Apps for iOS and Android mobile devices, plug-in load managers and in the future we will be announcing new products like multiple thermostats in one home. Check back! It’s really cool stuff that is coming.

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