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Austin Energy Power Partner Program

Conserve Energy, Reduce Carbon Emissions, Save.

Complete the form below to enroll in the Austin Energy Power Partner Thermostat program.

Review full Terms & Conditions prior to completing the Austin Energy Power Partner Thermostat program enrollment.

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Customer Enrollment Agreement

* Submit your name and address as it appears on your Austin Energy electric bill.


Customer Agreement/Terms and Conditions: By submitting this rebate application the customer agrees to the following terms and conditions. Customer is responsible to maintain the thermostat including making any warranty claims related to equipment failure or workmanship. Customer agrees to request and grants approval to their Remote Communicating Thermostat manufacturer to provide Austin Energy access to customer thermostat for the purposes of collecting data and controlling the thermostat for the sole purpose of reducing demand on the electric grid. If customer removes or causes thermostat to be removed within 2 years of receiving a rebate for a thermostat, customer may be disqualified from receiving a future rebate on a thermostat. This rebate offer cannot be combined with any other offer from Austin Energy for thermostats. Customer agrees to allow Austin Energy to control the thermostat to reduce demand on the electric grid by either (a) resetting the current set-point or original target temperature setpoint by up to 4°F for up to 3 consecutive hours, or (b) implementing other thermostat control strategies such as “duty cycling” to temporarily reduce normal operating patterns in order to reduce electrical demand. Customer may opt out of an event at any time. Customer is eligible for future additional incentives developed by Austin Energy. Customer agrees to allow Austin Energy access to operational data such as temperature setpoint, fan status, heating or cooling mode, compressor and fan run times, and opt-in or opt-out status.  Customer agrees to maintain network connectivity to thermostat through Customers Internet Service provider or other network provider and agrees, to the extent practical, to keep network connection in operation. Customer agrees to be contacted by e-mail, mail, or telephone if, for any reason, Austin Energy needs to verify connectivity, customer status, and/or make additional offers. Customer agrees to provide access to Austin Energy and/or Austin Energy contractors to verify thermostat installation in addition to allowing access to energy use data collected by Austin Energy electric meter to evaluate program performance.

For more information or a pdf copy of the agreement, complete the form at the bottom of the Get Help page. 

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