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It’s more than a smart thermostat.

Who is Energate?

Energate is the leader in interactive energy management and began its legacy in 2004 on one of the co-founders dining room tables.  It has solidified itself as the premier solution for utility companies in North America—with thermostats in over 100,000 homes, over 50,000 of which are part of part of OG&E’s Positive Energy™ Smart Grid Program, which is the world’s highest ranked Smart Grid project according to the Smart Grid 2013 Global Impact Report by VaasaETT Global Energy Think Tank.

Energate is positioned in the demand response industry as the go-to-partner for interactive energy management.

“When we first founded Energate a decade ago, we had many different ideas on how the company could grow, but we knew that the combination of modern communications technology and energy management would be a huge opportunity,” commented Michael Delage, cofounder of Energate. “Looking back at the evolution of our industry and the advent of the smart grid, Energate’s team has been at the center of the connection to the home, and has made a profound impact on how people understand and control their energy use. I am overwhelmed with pride and admiration for all of those involved. It is a tremendous testament to the brilliant minds that drive Energate, from where we started in 2004 and the fledgling technology available at that time, to an industry leader in interactive energy management solutions.”

Energate is delivering a revolutionary new product – HōlHōm – that will deeply impact the way that utilities interact with their customers—bringing new heights to the data and control associated with Smart Grid technology.

“The driving force behind everything we do as a company is to ensure the best products and services—ones that continually challenge and exceed expectations—coupled with building the deepest trust of our clients,” said Jorge Deligiannis, Energate’s CTO and co-founder.

Today, smart grid is one of the fastest evolving industries in the world.

“What is in a decade?” asked Jerry Kathnelson, the “Father” of the Smart Thermostat and cofounder of Energate. “When we invented the smart thermostat in 1975, I knew that it would fundamentally change the way that home comfort was managed. That said, I could never have imagined that a company could take our invention and not just impact an industry, but truly revolutionize it. As I reflect on all our achievements, I could not be more proud and humbled by such a fantastic story.”

A brief History of Energate’s Time

Here is a snapshot of Energate’s history and accomplishments over the past 10 years:


Michael Delage writes and submits a business plan that wins the New Venture prize at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.


Energate incorporates on January 20 and operates from Michael Delage’s home.


Energate creates the first working Inspiration prototype—Inspiration introduced the iPod®-like, touch-sensitive “buttonless” thermostat.

First commercial customer.

Energate develops its auxiliary switch (EZwire) allowing Energate’s thermostats to be installed in retrofits having as few as 2 wires, enabling replacement of old “mechanical” thermostats without having to pull additional wires.


Energate integrates its technology and launches products with three Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) vendors.

Energate develops its own high-quality ZigBee radio and joins ZigBee Alliance to encourage open standards and helps develop the ubiquitous Smart Energy Profile.

Pioneer, which became the start of Energate’s Interactive Energy Management solutions, was the slimmest Smart Thermostat on the market and provided a friendly user interface while incorporating ZigBee technology.

Energate sells to its first utility customer.


Energate releases ZIP Connect™, one of the early ZigBee to Internet gateways.

Energate incorporates its ZigBee technology into load switches allowing direct load control for utilities using their ZigBee-enabled smart meters and AMI.

Energate develops HōlCloud CORE middleware to provide the head-end management and control of field devices and delivers it to its first utility customer.


Energate releases Consumer Connected Demand Response (CCDR) platform that allows multiple communication paths, a wide range of devices, third-party device support, a load management system for utilities, and a consumer portal.


As a result of a very successful pilot, OG&E selects Energate for its expanding Smart Grid for deployment in 2012, 2013 and 2014.


Energate releases HōlHōm/Foundation™ Smart Thermostat and Home Energy Gateway, an extensible platform for interactive energy management.

Energate moves to its new 10,000 square foot corporate headquarters.

Energate approved for Ontario’s peaksaver PLUS® program.


Energate delivers Foundation with Internet connectivity using ZIP Connect.

Energate releases its Wi-Fi module for Foundation.


As the industry evolves and more utilities support bring-your-own-device programs, Energate sells direct to consumer with HōlHōm.

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