Heat Pump Fault

in HōlHōm Errors and Warnings

Why does HōlHōm display the message “HEAT PUMP FAULT”?

Your thermostat displays the message “HEAT PUMP FAULT” when your heat pump needs to be serviced. The heat pump communicates with HōlHōm to trigger the message.  The message displays in full-screen mode, and the backlight flashes on and off until you acknowledge the message.  The message then appears in the status line of the home screens until the issue is resolved.  It clears only when the heat pump indicates that the issue is resolved.

Check your heat pump to see if there is a fault light.  If so, contact the person who installed your equipment, or a qualified HVAC technician, to help you resolve this problem.  If a heat pump fault shows on the thermostat when there is no fault on the heat pump, then disconnect the “Fault” wire on the thermostat because it is not compatible.

Note: If you see this message, your HVAC equipment will not run until the heat pump is fixed.

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