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Is there a way to improve my comfort during a Conservation Event?


If you are receiving electricity prices from your smart meter and have set your Conservation Setting to something other than Max Comfort, your HōlHōm will automatically respond to increased electricity prices and adjust your temperature to save you money.

You can stay more comfortable during a Conservation Event and save more money by setting your HōlHōm to pre-cool or pre-heat your home before the electricity price increases and gradually adjust the temperature when the price increases.

  1. To adjust your PRICE RESPONSE settings:
    • Press any button to wake HōlHōm.
    • Press ButtonSelect_sm button to display the MAIN MENU.
    • Use ButtonUp_smButtonDown_sm buttons to highlight EVENTS RESPONSE SETTINGS and press ButtonSelect_sm.
    • UseButtonUp_smButtonDown_sm buttons to highlight PRICE RESPONSE and press ButtonSelect_sm.
    • Use ButtonUp_smButtonDown_sm buttons to select the number of hours of pre-cooling or pre-heating you want and press ButtonSelect_sm.
    • Use ButtonUp_smButtonDown_sm buttons to select the whether you want the temperature adjustment to apply immediately or gradually when the electricity price increases and press ButtonSelect_sm.


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