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How can HōlHōm save me money when the price of electricity is high?


If you are receiving electricity prices from your smart meter, your HōlHōm can automatically respond to increased electricity prices and adjust your temperature to save you money.

The following table shows how HōlHōm adjusts your temperature based on the electricity price and your conservation setting.  For example if you use a balanced setting and receive a Tier 3 price, the Orange light will come on and your temperature will be adjusted by 2 °F.

By default your conservation setting is Max Comfort and HōlHōm will ignore price increases.

 Tier #  Light Color Max Savings(100 %) Savings(75 %) Balanced(50 %) Comfort(25 %) Max Comfort(0 %)
1 None 0 °F 0 °F 0 °F 0 °F 0 °F
2 Yellow 2 °F 1.5 °F 1 °F 0.5 °F 0 °F
3 Orange 4 °F 3 °F 2 °F 1 °F 0 °F
4 Red 6 °F 4.5 °F 3 °F 1.5 °F 0 °F
5 Red 8 °F 6 °F 4 °F 2 °F 0 °F
6 Red 10 °F 7.5 °F 5 °F 2.5 °F 0 °F


  1. To adjust your CONSERVATION SETTINGS:
    1. Press any button to wake HōlHōm.
    2. Press ButtonSelect_sm button to display the MAIN MENU.
    3. Use ButtonUp_smButtonDown_sm buttons to highlight EVENTS RESPONSE SETTINGS and press ButtonSelect_sm.
    4. Press ButtonSelect_sm button to select CONSERVATION SETTINGS.
    5. Press ButtonSelect_sm button to select move to the next screen.
    6. Use ButtonUp_smButtonDown_sm buttons to select the conservation setting you want:
      • MAX COMFORT: Ignores price increases and do not adjust my temperature.
      • COMFORT: Prefer comfort over savings, use 25% of maximum offset.
      • BALANCED: Balance comfort and savings, use 50% of maximum offset.
      • SAVINGS: Prefer savings over comfort, use 75% of maximum offset.
      • MAX SAVINGS: Savings most important, use maximum offset.
    7. Press ButtonSelect_sm button to move to the next screen and pressButtonSelect_sm button again to save changes.
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