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Why does the total on HōlHōm not match my electricity bill?

There are many reasons why there will be a difference in what HōlHōm reports for the month and your actual bill.  Differences are caused by things such as:

  • Fixed base charges are not included in HōlHōm.
  • Taxes and fees are not considered in HōlHōm.
  • Transmission and Distribution charges, if any, are not included on HōlHōm.
  • Any uplift or regulatory fees are not included on HōlHōm.
  • The exact read time for the meter may not coincide with when HōlHōm starts and ends the month.
  • Most importantly, the utility is responsible to ensure that the meter information is accurate and they keep the official records. HōlHōm only reads the meter and tells you your use and calculates the energy portion of your energy costs.  While HōlHōm is as accurate as your utility’s meter it does not have access to the detailed billing information that is required to calculate the final bill.
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