HōlHōm Buttons

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What do the HōlHōm buttons do?

HolHom Buttons

Button Button Name Functions
 Home  Home $/Thermometer_sm
  • Switches between the Thermostat and the Energy mode home screens.
  • Exits and cancels any changes within a menu, and returns to the home screen if you keep pressing it.
  • Wakes up the unit.
 Select  Menu/Select ButtonSelect_sm
  • Displays a menu.
  • Selects the highlighted item.
  • Navigates to the next step in a wizard.
  • Confirms messages.
  • Wakes up the unit.





Up ButtonUp_smand
Down ButtonDown_sm
  • In the Thermostat mode, adjusts the target temperature.
  • In the Energy mode, adjusts conservation settings.
  • Moves the highlighted selection in a menu.
  •  Wakes up the unit.


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