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How do compare the electricity used by an appliance plugged into my HōlHōm Smart Plug over time?

You can also compare the electricity usage over time of the appliance plugged into your HōlHōm Smart Plug using the MyEnergate web portal.  Select the Smart Plug device from the drop down list on the Appliance tab.  Hover over the graph button and select the “Electricity Comparison” graph.  This will show you a speed dial of the current electricity use compared to yesterday.  If the dial is in the green section, the current use is below yesterday’s average.  The yellow section means it is above yesterday’s average and the red section means it is near yesterday’s maximum usage.

You can select the “Daily” button to compare the last 24 hours usage to the last 7 days.  The “Monthly” button compares the last 30 days to the last 12 months.  These graphs can help you tell if you are using more or less electricity over time.

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