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How do I override HōlHōm Green for my Smart Plug?

If you have a HōlHōm Green, then it will turn off your HōlHōm Smart Plug when the energy carbon content is high.  When the Smart Plug is off, the LED light will be off instead of green.

  • If you want to turn on the Smart Plug temporarily, you can press the button on the Smart Plug and it will turn on until the next time the energy carbon content is high. You can also turn the Smart Plug on from the MyEnergate mobile app or web portal.
  • If you want your Smart Plug to ignore the HōlHōm Green signals all the time, do the following:
    • Login to the MyEnergate web portal
    • Select your Smart Plug from the drop down list
    • Click the “Opt-Out” button under “Permanent Energy Event”
    • Click the “Apply” button to save the change

Because of the fact that HōlHōm Green will turn whatever is plugged into the Smart Plug on and off multiple times during the day, it is most suitable for a device like an Air Conditioner, heater or dehumidifier that uses a lot of energy and can be turned on and off frequently.  It would not make sense to plug your refrigerator or home entertainment system into the Smart Plug unless you override the HōlHōm Green signals.

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