How Does HōlHōm Green Work?

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How does HōlHōm Green work?

With HōlHōm Green you reduce your carbon footprint by using electricity wisely. The mix of energy sources feeding the power grid changes all day long.  Every day, it shifts back and forth between renewable generation and climate-impacting fossil-fuel. Your thermostat turns your home cooling and heating equipment on and off all day long to maintain the temperature you set for your home.  HōlHōm Green uses WattTime and lines these up. That means cooling and heating run when renewables are more available.

The blue LED light indicates that HōlHōm Green has deferred your heating or cooling use and adjusted the target temperature to reduce your carbon impact.  If the blue light is off, it means that there is more renewable energy available.

If you have a Smart Plug, HōlHōm Green will turn off whatever is plugged into your Smart Plug when the energy carbon content is high.  When the Smart Plug is off, the LED light will be off instead of green.

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