HVAC Equipment Cycling Too Much

in Thermostat HVAC and Wiring

Why does HōlHōm seem to turn my equipment on more frequently than my old thermostat?

HōlHōm’s thermostat is optimized to maximize your comfort by keeping the temperature as close as possible to your target temperature.  This means it may run more often for a shorter time than an older thermostat.

Your heating and cooling equipment is designed to cycle on and off within limits and in all cases, minimum on and off times are respected to prevent damaging your equipment.  By default HōlHōm is set to cycle your heating equipment up to six times per hour and your cooling equipment up to four times per hour.  In addition, by default HōlHōm will not turn your heating equipment on or off for less than 3 minutes and your cooling equipment for less than 4 minutes to prevent damage.

If you reduce the number of cycles per hour, your temperatures are likely to be higher or lower than the target temperature more often.

  1. To change the maximum number of on and off cycles per hour:
    1. Press any button to wake HōlHōm.
    2. Press  ButtonSelect_sm button to display the MAIN MENU.
    3. Use ButtonUp_smButtonDown_sm
      buttons to highlight SETTINGS and press ButtonSelect_sm.
    4. Use ButtonUp_smButtonDown_sm buttons to highlight INSTALLER SETUP and press ButtonSelect_sm.
    5. Press ButtonSelect_sm button to select EQUIPMENT SETTINGS.
    6. Follow the on-screen prompts to set the maximum number of cycles per hour for heating and cooling to your preferred values.
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