Low Battery

in HōlHōm Errors and Warnings

Why does HōlHōm display the message “LOW BATTERY”?

HōlHōm displays the message “LOW BATTERY” when the battery falls below 10% of its rated capacity.  The message displays in full-screen mode, and the backlight flashes on and off until you acknowledge the message. The message then appears in the status line of the home screens until the issue is resolved.

The battery preserves the date and time when there is a power outage. When you replace the battery, HōlHōm does not lose any of your settings.

  1. Remove HōlHōm from the mounting bracket and make sure the clear plastic battery tab has been removed.
  2. Replace the battery with a CR-2302. This message will clear after you replace the battery.

Note: Your HVAC equipment will continue to run normally when there is a low battery warning.

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