No Outdoor Temperature

in Thermostat HVAC and Wiring

Why is there no outdoor temperature displayed?

The outdoor temperature is only displayed in the top left corner of the thermostat home screen if you have a compatible two wire outdoor temperature sensor connected to your HōlHōm.  This is most often used when you have a heat pump with balance points to optimize its use.

  1. Remove HōlHōm from the mounting bracket and make sure the RS SIG and RS RET wires are securely connected to the thermostat.
  2. If the temperature still does not show on the thermostat, it is probably because the outdoor temperature sensor is not compatible. You can replace the outdoor sensor with a 10 kOhm thermistor like an Aprilaire 8052 or equivalent.
  3. If you don’t want to replace the outdoor temperature sensor, you can disconnect the RS SIG and RS RET wires since the outdoor temperature is optional.
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