Output Short Circuit

in HōlHōm Errors and Warnings

Why does HōlHōm display the message “OUTPUT SHORT CIRCUIT”?

HōlHōm displays the message “OUTPUT SHORT CIRCUIT” when it detects a short circuit in the wiring. The message displays in full-screen mode, and the backlight flashes on and off until you acknowledge the message. The message then appears in the status line of the home screens until the issue is resolved.

  1. Remove HōlHōm from the mounting bracket and make sure that the exposed copper conductor on the wires is not touching each other.
  2. Check the wiring at the HVAC equipment to make sure no wires are touching each other.
  3. If using EZWire, make sure you did not use a regular wire between “G” and “C” instead of the special jumper that was provided.
  4. If someone installed it for you, contact the person who installed your equipment, or a qualified HVAC technician, immediately to avoid damage to your equipment.

Note: If you see this message, your HVAC equipment will not run until the short circuit is fixed.

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