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Why does HōlHōm display the message “PLEASE CHANGE FILTER”?

QuickTip – ButtonSelect_sm > MAIN MENU> SETTINGS> USER OPTIONS

HōlHōm displays the message “PLEASE CHANGE FILTER” once the number of months you set for the filter reminder has expired. The message displays in full-screen mode, and the backlight flashes on and off until you acknowledge the message. The message then appears in the status line of the home screens until the issue is resolved by clearing the filter reminder.

  1. To clear the warning once you have changed the filter:
    1. Press any button to wake HōlHōm.
    2. Press ButtonSelect_sm button to display the MAIN MENU.
    3. Use ButtonUp_smButtonDown_sm buttons to highlight SETTINGS and press ü.
    4. Use ButtonUp_smButtonDown_sm buttons to highlight USER OPTIONS and press ButtonSelect_sm.
    5. Follow the prompts to finish setting your FILTER REMINDER

Note: Your HVAC equipment will continue to run normally when there is a change filter warning.

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