What is HōlHōm?

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What is HōlHōm?  Why don’t you just call it a Smart Thermostat?

HōlHōm is more than a smart thermostat.  It is actually a complete platform that includes a special radio that can communicate with Smart Meters using the ZigBee protocol (think of Wi-Fi for devices).  The ZigBee connection is utility grade and very secure.  If you don’t have a ZigBee smart meter, HolHom+ is available with a Meter Data Collector (MDC) to read your electricity usage optically.

Additionally HōlHōm is internet enabled allowing you to control it using your smart phone or web browser.  However, because HōlHōm is also talking to your meter, it is a bridge between your meter information, the internet and you.  This kind of bridge is often called a gateway.

HōlHōm’s primary purpose is to collect your energy information and help you manage it.  Since your heating and cooling is the single largest user of energy in your home HōlHōm has an advanced smart thermostat that will keep you comfortable while saving you money.

The killer feature of HōlHōm is its price responsiveness.  If your utility provides electricity prices to the smart meter, HōlHōm will automatically adjust your temperature to save you money based on your preferences.

And HōlHōm provides you with nearly real-time energy information-up on a per minute basis not hours or days later.

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