Why Use a Schedule?

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Why would I schedule my heating and cooling and what should my schedule be?

HōlHōm can save you money by only heating or cooling your home when you need to.  The hardest part of setting up a schedule is determining what makes sense for your lifestyle.

  1. Think about your typical day and your comfort and ask yourself some questions.
    • Do I have a weekday routine?
    • Are weekend routines different? Is Saturday a different routine than Sunday?
    • Do I have a routine that varies depending on the day of the week?
  2. Next ask yourself at what temperature are you comfortable when heating, and then cooling?
    • Most people prefer a much warmer temperature for cooling than for heating.
    • Most people don’t care what the temperature is in the house when they are not home unless they have pets.
    • Some examples:
      • If you normally think that 72°F as room temperature you may want to set heating to 69°F and 75°F for cooling.
      • If you wear sweaters indoors and are not very sensitive to warmer periods you may choose settings of 66°F for heating and 78°F for cooling.
    • According to the US EPA, every 1°F of temperature change held for 8 hours results in 1% energy savings on your heating and/or cooling. In example (i) above you could save 9% on your energy instead of always setting your thermostat to 72°F and (ii) should save you about 18%.
  3. Once you have made those decisions setting up your schedule is much easier.
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