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MyEnergate Premium Program

Simplify, Conserve, Save.

Take advantage of advanced interactive energy management features with MyEnergate Premium Program.

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The Energate Premium Program opens up a new level of interactive energy management tools, like real time energy use monitoring, graphical breakdowns to show you where your energy dollars are going, Alōha to automatically turn down your energy use down when no one is home, and Opti Schedule to reduce energy costs without impacting comfort.

Do More with the MyEnergate Premium Program

Historical Electricity Usage

View historical electricity usage information on the MyEnergate web portal or mobile app to make informed whole home energy decisions.

  • Electricity usage and demand for appliances
  • Whole-home electricity usage and demand (if available)
  • Outdoor temperature and thermostat set point history

Appliance Electricity Breakdown

View electricity usage breakdown/comparison between appliances on the MyEnergate web portal or mobile app – you can see how much of the whole-home electricity use is driven by each appliance.

Electricity Breakdown

Alōha Auto Away Mode

Alōha is a feature that puts your home into an energy-saving ‘Away’ mode when no one is home.  Alōha works best if everyone in your home has a mobile device with the MyEnergate mobile app (for Android or IOS) installed.  MyEnergate makes it really easy to tell Alōha when you are heading home from work or are heading out for the evening.  It can even use location services to do this automatically, like magic!

Aloha requires the latest version of Energate’s Foundation smart gateway thermostat.  When in ‘Away’ mode, compatible Foundation thermostats set back automatically.  Soon, Aloha will be able to optimize other appliances as well.  It couldn’t get easier!

OptiSchedule Advanced Thermostat Scheduling (available soon, where supported)

Outside weather has the largest effect on your energy use, and every house responds to weather changes differently.  OptiSchedule learns how your house works, and optimizes your cooling and heating energy use every day by taking outside conditions into account, reducing the energy you use and the money you spend.  If you are on Time-Of-Use electricity pricing or a dynamic pricing program that is registered with Energate, your savings will be even greater.

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