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It’s more than a smart thermostat.

HōlHōm is more than just a smart thermostat, together with your smartphone and a smart plug you can monitor anything you can plug-in.

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Save energy and money with HōlHōm. Start seeing your energy use in real-time today. Control your heating and cooling, plus monitor any appliance in your home with a HōmLōd smart plug.

HōlHōm is a teaching thermostat and home energy gateway that displays your power usage in real-time, monitors your appliances, and intelligently saves you money.

Think of HōlHōm as an energy speedometer for your home. The Energy screen shows your current electricity consumption and spend in dollars per hour.

HōlHōm uses a proprietary algorithm to constantly optimize your heating and cooling for savings and comfort.

  • For an example, in Oklahoma, customers using HōlHōm’s price responsive technology have saved on average $150 a year.

Think of HōlHōm as Energy Management for your home.

The HōlHōm MyEnergate mobile app for Android and iOS lets you control your system from any room or while you are away from home.

With the mobile application HōlHōm will teach you about your phantom loads.  For example, If HōlHōm shows your minimum load is 300 watts, you might have a lot of devices using electricity that are plugged in but not doing anything.  If you can cut that in half, you could save over $150.00 per year.

Selecting the standby Energy Consumption screen option shows a graphic smiley face that lets you know at-a-glance you are doing better than last week.  When the face is smiling, you are doing better.

Smart Plug

And with the NEW HōlHōm Smart Plug you can see your energy breakdown by individual appliances.

  • Just plug in any device like your refrigerator, home theater system, or any appliance and compare the last hour, day or month.

HōlHōm is easy to install and works with 95% of all heat pumps and conventional heating and cooling systems.

  • HōlHōm puts you in control without having to keep looking at the manual.
  • You answer simple questions like “What time do you get up on a typical day?” right on HōlHōm.
HolHom Mounting

HōlHōm pairs to your ZigBee-enabled smart meter. More and more utilities are using smart meters and you don’t need to install special equipment in your breaker panel to capture your energy consumption.

  • With HōlHōm you will know more about your electricity use than your utility does.

If you live in an area without a ZigBee-enabled smart meter, the HōlHōm Plus includes a meter data collector that attaches to the electricity meter and gathers energy consumption information for you.

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