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It’s more than a smart thermostat.

All About HōlHōm

What is HōlHōm?  HōlHōm (pronounced whole home) is a smart thermostat on Steroids that replaces your existing thermostat (smart or dumb) and provides all the features that you would expect in a top-notch smart thermostat.

A better question than what is HōlHōm would be what is what will HōlHōm do for me?  That’s where it shines.  When connected to your smart or electromechanical meter, HōlHōm will teach you about your energy use and show you when you are using energy.  You will be able to look at a ‘picture’ of your energy use (a picture is worth a thousand words) to help you focus your energy use to where it counts.

HolHom Explained

Actually, HōlHōm is a home energy controller and gateway that happens to have a really cool built-in smart thermostat that teaches you.  Yep, HōlHōm is a teaching thermostat that will show you where you can save money and energy.

The HōlHōm teaching thermostat shows you your phantom loads, your peak loads, how much energy you used and how much it cost you.  You will learn from HōlHōm while managing your energy use and saving money without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

Through the MyEnergate web portal and mobile applications for iOS and Android devices you will have remote access and control of your HōlHōm too!

Teaching Thermostat Options

There are three options available – HōlHōm, HōlHōm Green if you have a ZigBee smart meter and HōlHōm+ if you don’t. Check the Will HōlHōm Work with My Smart Meter? page or the Will HōlHōm+ Work with My Meter? prior to purchasing.

HōlHōm includes a ZigBee radio that provides 2-way communications with the smart meter and other home energy management devices

HōlHōm Green, same as HōlHōm but with WattTime enabled – HōlHōm Green  reduce your carbon footprint by using electricity wisely. HōlHōm Green aligns your energy use with the availability of electricity from renewable sources.

HōlHōm+ was originally designed by Energate Inc. as a Demand Response solution for utilities, particularly those that haven’t yet deployed Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) or for utilities that have existing direct load control field devices that will not pair with ZigBee meters. HōlHōm+ provides utilities with the ability to deploy advanced home energy management features and services to their residential and small business customers while maintaining reliable, verifiable, and real-time responsive Demand Response capabilities.

Consumers can take advantage of HōlHōm, the utility proven smart communicating teaching thermostat, for interactive home energy management with or without a ZigBee enabled smart meter.

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