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It’s more than a smart thermostat.

The Goods – HōlHōm Products

Save money, save the environment, or just save time. You can manage, monitor, and control your home energy use from anywhere at any time with HōlHōm.


More than a smart thermostat – it’s a teaching smart thermostat and home energy monitor for your ZigBee smart meter. Experience what interactive energy management means.


Same as HōlHōm, but with an optical sensor that attaches to your non-ZigBee meter or electromechanical meter.

HolHom Green
Smart Plug

HōlHōm Green

HōlHōm Green is a smarter thermostat that creates carbon savings by actively choosing cleaner energy. Take action today on climate change with HōlHōm Green.

HōlHōm Smart Plug

Control and measure any electrical load (appliance) in your home that plugs into a standard North American wall electrical outlet.

EZwire Auxiliary Switch


It eliminates the hassle of pulling new wire when installing HōlHōm if the common wire is missing – no patching or painting required.

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