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It’s more than a smart thermostat.

EZwire Auxiliary Switch


EZwire Auxiliary Switch

Have an old home? Replacing a really old thermostat?  Don’t worry.

Don’t have five wires?  Missing the common wire?  Don’t worry.

Only have two wires on your thermostat?  Don’t worry.

Maybe we should have called EZwire ‘Don’t Worry’ because it lets you install a HōlHōm smart thermostat almost anywhere.

Pull no wires. Patch no walls. EZwire Auxiliary Switch eliminates the hassle of pulling new wire when installing HōlHōm – no patching or painting required.  EZwire is used to add an extra wire or substitute for a broken wire.  EZwire works with single or dual transformer systems.

Here’s how to tell if you need EZwire:

  • Check your old thermostat to see if you have a “C” or “X” wire or a spare wire that is not connected to anything. If you don’t have one of these then you will need EZwire.
  • Check your old thermostat to see if you have separate wires labelled “Rh” and “Rc” that are not connected together. If you do then you will need EZwire.

You can also check here to see if you need EZwire.

NOTE: You will only need one EZwire for one HōlHōm as one EZwire can handle both a missing common wire and two separate transformers.

 More About EZwire

EZwire is a unique, proven, patented (no one else has it) solution to the typical thermostat retrofit problem where the old thermostat had no need for a common wire so there is none, and are no extra wires available.

Installing any Wi-Fi smart thermostat, the heart of any interactive energy management solution, can be challenging when the appropriate number of wires are not available on the old thermostat cable.  Energate’s EZwire Auxiliary Switch can be used on HōlHōm or almost any other thermostat to solve the missing common wire problem or the two-transformer installations.

You don’t need EZwire if you pull a new cable from your equipment or you use the more expensive and harder to install options available on the market.  However, if you want to make your job EASY, EZwire is what you want. No pulling additional wires or installing two-piece solutions (they require a component at the thermostat and the equipment) that can negatively impact your installation experience with your new smart thermostat.

EZwire makes your installation easy.  That’s it.


EZwire Technical Specifications

  • Maximum output current: 0.5 A
  • Maximum voltage: 30 VAC
  • Size 3” L x 1.375” W x 0.825” H (76mm x 35mm x 21 mm)
  • Provides short circuit protection
  • Allows a control signal (W, Y or G) to be multiplexed over a common wire
  • Includes a signal coupler and 5 splice wire caps
  • Installed at/near the HVAC equipment
  • Supports single and dual transformer installation
  • Supports both heat pump and conventional systems

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