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It’s more than a smart thermostat.

HōlHōm & HōlHōm+

HōlHōm or HōlHōm+ replaces your thermostat and gives you a home energy controller and Wi-Fi connection that happens to have a really cool built-in Teaching Smart Thermostat.

They are complete. Nothing to add.


HōlHōm includes a special ZigBee radio that can communicate with Smart Meters and other home energy management devices. Think of ZigBee as Wi-Fi for devices, it is utility grade, and very secure.



Exactly the same as HōlHōm but works with non-ZigBee enabled smart meters and mechanical meters. HōlHōm+ includes a meter data collector that attaches to your electricity meter where it gathers information about energy consumption and transmits it to your HōlHōm+.

HōlHōm Green

Exactly the same as HōlHōm but includes Ecō mode. HōlHōm Green actively changes your thermostat setting to reduce your carbon footprint.

HolHom Green

HōlHōm, the teaching thermostat – A Smart Thermostat and Home Energy Gateway

HōlHōm/HōlHōmGreen/HōlHōm+ helps you understand and manage your energy use. Since heating and cooling is the single largest user of energy in your home, HōlHōm’s advanced Smart Thermostat helps keep you comfortable while saving you money. It collects electricity and thermostat information that you can use to better understand your energy use and focus it where it counts.

With the HōlHōm smart plug you can add measurement and control of other appliances in your home to focus even more of your energy where it counts.

It’s a smart thermostat

HolHom Home Screen

In addition to all the advanced functions you would expect on a state-of-the-art Smart Thermostat, HolHom delivers more.

The easy to use menu gives you access to all the features and options, allowing you to:

  • Adjust the temperature
  • Customize your heating and cooling schedule
  • Control your furnace or central air conditioner, including fan operation
  • Make it price responsive (yes, you read that right) – it responds to price changes

It’s an energy display


HōlHōm constantly monitors your energy use and displays your whole home’s electricity consumption (independent of your electricity provider), including:

  • How much it costs – the rate you are paying and the current hourly cost
  • How much you are using – your current use
  • How much you have used – daily, weekly, and monthly electricity costs and usage
  • How you are doing – a comparison of today verses yesterday, or last week or month

Do more for the environment with HōlHōm Green

HolHom House


The “Green” version of HōlHōm actively changes your thermostat settings to reduce your carbon footprint.  Learn more.


Learn how to SAVE money on electricity costs

HōlHōm Current Energy Cost Energy Display Screen-MonthlyEnergyCost

The only way to find out how much energy you can save is to try it. HōlHōm has a built in energy savings tracker that will tell you how you are doing. It runs for a 30 day period and keeps track of how well you are doing.

If you want to test an energy saving strategy, just implement the change (maybe a new schedule) and start the savings tracker. Within one day it will start showing how much you are saving. If it’s not working, you can stop your test and try something else. You won’t have to rely on hypothetical calculations to determine you savings, you can actually measure them.

Lighting up electricity prices LED

If your utility offers variable pricing (prices that change hourly, daily, or weekly) your smart meter may receive pricing information. If it does, HōlHōm will display those prices and if they increase enough, the at-a-glance color LEDs will light-up to warn you that prices are higher:

  • A yellow light when the price increases above your base price
  • Orange when the price gets even higher, and
  • Red indicates the highest price
  • A blue light shows you when HōlHōm is taking action to save you money

Going wireless gets you more, including remote control

Wi-Fi means that HōlHōm is internet enabled expanding your control and visibility to wherever you are. It’s easy to connect to your Wi-Fi router or hot spot using an android or iPhone (the hardest part is remembering your Wi-Fi password; also remember to use WPA for the best security). Once connected you get:

  • Two-way remote control and monitoring through your smart phone or any other device with internet access.
  • MyEnergate portal – web-based personal energy account and access to your historical energy usage information.
  • MyEnergate mobile app for use on Apple iOS and Android.

Energy Remote Control

HōlHōm Technical Details

HōlHōm+ Meter Data Collector

The Meter Data Collector works with HōlHōm+ built-in Meter Data Receiver to read your electricity usage if you have a non-ZigBee meter. The collector attaches to the meter provided by your electricity provider where it gathers information about energy consumption and transmits it to HōlHōm+. The collector uses an optical sensor to read the electricity usage information from the infrared port if you have a digital meter and from the spinning disk on a mechanical meter.

HōlHōm Thermostat

  • Precooling/preheating
  • Supports HVAC equipment with up to 3-heat, 2-cool stages
  • All schedule types supported (5/2, 5/1/1, or 7-day) with up to four changes per day
  • Unique “Schedule Off” mode allows price only response with simple manual control
  • Automatic short circuit detection See Short Circuit Detection below.
  • Multiple “hold” options that override the schedule temporarily or permanently
  • Advanced algorithms execute load control and pricing events—reducing cost and maintaining comfort for consumers while shifting load and providing a smooth peak load reduction profile
  • Adjustable maximum and minimum set-point range

HōlHōm Energy Management

  • Collects electricity consumption data directly from meters in real-time
  • Provides minute-by-minute data – can be used to audit large loads in the home
  • Whole-home electric energy information displayed in kW, kWh, and dollars for yesterday, last 7 days, monthly energy, and same month, last year comparisons
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
  • ZigBee SEP 1.1. More about ZigBee Communications below
  • Price information can be received from smart meter, over broadband, or manually entered
  • Data comparison of recent energy use to yesterday, last week, last month, and same month last year
  • Opt-in and opt-out of voluntary load control and price events initiated by your utility
  • Web-based Consumer Portal
    • Whole home electric energy use
    • Set and modify schedule
    • Set mode and fan
    • Opt-in and opt-out of voluntary load control events
    • Graphical views of data including:
      • Indoor and outdoor temperatures
      • Temperature set-points
      • % utilization of HVAC equipment
      • Device energy use for optional devices
    • Mobile Applications
      • Set Mode and Fan
      • Comparison of run-time to previous periods
      • Change temperature settings
      • Change comfort settings
      • Control of additional load switches
      • Graphs of data
      • Opt-in and Opt-out

HōlHōm Specifications

  • Size: 4.45”H x 6.14”W x 1.2”D (11.3 cm H x 15.6 cm W x 3.1 cm D)
  • 128 x 64 graphic LCD display with white LED back lighting
  • ZigBee SEP 1.1 and full certificate-based key exchange (CBKE) using authenticated Smart Energy Security Certificates. More about Security below.
  • Operating temperature range: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
  • Operating voltage: 20-30 VAC
  • Radio module: IEEE 802.15.4 compliant ZigBee Radio – configurable, -102 dBm receive sensitivity, +20 dBm output power (100 mW typ)
  • HōlHōm+ includes a 433 MHz radio to receive transmission from paired meter data collector
  • Temperature control accuracy: ±0.9°F @ 68°F (±0.5°C @ 20°C)

Silent Smart Switch & Short Circuit Detection

HōlHōm includes Energate’s patented Silent Smart Switch (S3) technology which eliminates the clicking noise of other thermostats and provides built-in short-circuit detection and protection for HōlHōm. With built-in short-circuit detection the operation is disabled quickly – prior to any damage to HōlHōm. Not only does 3S protect HōlHōm, it identifies and displays the failed circuit on HōlHōm’s screen for corrective action. This avoids any damage to HōlHōm if the installation goes wrong!

ZigBee Communications

HōlHōm and HōlHōm Green have an integrated ZigBee® radio for compatible with advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), the smart meters. Check your meter compatibility.

HōlHōm+ will work with any meter type, including mechanical – that’s over 90% of meters on the market today. Check your meter compatibility.

With a built-in gateway HōlHōm/HōlHōm Green also allows other major loads in the home, such as water heaters and pool pumps to be added to your interactive energy management system using load control switches and/or plug-in load managers.

HōlHōm/HōlHōm Green’s modular radio design with Over-The-Air upgrade capability provides the flexibility to add new features and functionality to meet evolving requirements.


HōlHōm/HōlHōm Green provides utility-grade security–it only accepts messages initiated by a trusted source via ZigBee SEP and/or Broadband using a SSL/TLS-secured IP connection, ensuring that other communications do not interfere with your electricity data security and privacy. HolHom/HōlHōm Green has proven to be secure as it has passed rigorous security testing by leading utilities and security assurance firms.

Still Not Sure?

Are you not sure if HōlHōm/HōlHōm Green will work with your smart meter, check here to find out.

Are you not sure if HōlHōm+ will work with your non-ZigBee meter or mechanical meter, check here to find out.

Are you still not sure if HōlHōm will work in your house? Check here to see if you need EZwire to install HōlHōm. You don’t know what EZwire is? Look here to learn more about EZwire.

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