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Put Your Home On A Low CARB Diet!

HōlHōm Green

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With HōlHōm Green

HōlHōm Green is a smarter thermostat that creates carbon savings by actively choosing cleaner energy. Take action today on climate change with HōlHōm Green.

HolHom Green

HōlHōm Green helps you reduces carbon emissions by using electricity wisely. The mix of energy sources feeding the power grid changes all day long, every day, and shifts back and forth between renewable generation and climate-impacting fossil-fuel. Thermostats turn home cooling and heating equipment on and off all day long to maintain the set temperature of the home.  HōlHōm Green uses WattTime for Ecō mode to synchronize heating and cooling to lower carbon emission periods. That means cooling and heating run in a way that favors lower carbon resources.

Along with reducing household carbon footprints by coordinating thermostat settings to run HVAC when renewable generation is high, this encourages a larger shift to green generation by boosting demand for renewables in the energy markets.

HolHom House


HōlHōm Green actively changes your thermostat setting to reduce your carbon footprint.

It is automatic – active day and night.

It works with over 90% of cooling and heating systems, including forced air electric and heat pumps.

Renewable Energy


At-a-glance light indicates Ecō activity – a good time to not use electricity.

Real-time environmental power signals provided by WattTime*

Add a Smart Plug to your appliances – make them Greener too!

Thermostat Temperature


Alōha changes your settings as you come and go saving energy when no one is at home.

Works out of the box with no reduction in household comfort.

Mobile App


Monitor and adjust your system from anywhere.

MyEnergate mobile app for iOS & Android available at the App Store & Google Play.

Take action today on climate change with HōlHōm Green.

HolHom Green

*WattTime is a nonprofit that enables smart devices to automatically sync the times they use power to moments of clean sustainable electricity. How clean is your power grid? The answer changes every 5 minutes.

Learn more about how HōlHōm (including HōlHōm Green) is more than a smart thermostat.

Get the MyEnergate app for Android and iOS.

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