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It’s more than a smart thermostat.

HōlHōm+ Compatible Meters

Connecting HōlHōm+ to your meter (non-ZigBee meter or electromechanical meter) will allow HōlHōm+ to receive your electricity usage information every minute. You are able to view this information on the screen of your HōlHōm+, using the web portal, or using the MyEnergate mobile application (iOS or Android).

HōlHōm+ uses an optical sensor to read your electricity usage from your meter.  Check the list below to see if your meter is compatible.

If you have a ZigBee-enabled smart meter, you can use HōlHōm to communicate with your smart meter.  Check here to see if your smart meter is ZigBee-enabled.

Compatible Meters

Type 1: Disk Meter with Black Mark Clearly Visible

  • GE
  • Landis + Gyr
  • Sangamo
  • Schlumberger
  • Itron, Elster
  • Westinghouse
  • ABB

Type2: Digital Meter with IR Port 1.5″ or More from Meter Edge

  • GE-I-210
  • Itron Sentinel
  • Exhelon Type 32L – Model 83020 -2680A – EM 50202 – NES
  • Elster A3TL

Type 3: Digital Meter with IR Port Less than 1.5″ from Outer Edge

  • Sensus iCon iSA
  • Elster R1S/REX
  • Elster REX2

Type 4: Digital Meter with IR Port on Top

  • Itron Centron C1S
  • Itron Centron C2S
  • Elster AIT

Incompatible Meters

Type 1: FOCUS

  • Landis+Gyr Focus ALF Meter

No infared (IR) pulse for the sensor to pick up.

Type 2: Plate Cover

  • Standard disk meter with AMR plate covering the disk.

No location for the meter data collector to be installed.

Type 3: ABB AIT

  • ABB A1T does not transmit Watt pulse.

ANSI (Silver raised port) does not output IR pulse.

Type 4: Elster A1R+

Elster A1R+ does not transmit Watt pulse.

ANSI (Silver raised port) does not output IR pulse.

Type 5: MT 200/100 Hybrid

  • Schlumberger MT 200/100 Hybrid doew not transmit Watt pulse

ANSI (Silver raised port) does not output IR pulse.

Type 6: GE kV2 Series

Type 7: Quad Logic S-20

Does not transmit emit Watt pulse.

Type 8: Schlumberger KYWS

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