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It’s more than a smart thermostat.

Will HōlHōm Work in My House?

HōlHōm will probably work in your house as it’s compatible with over 95% of all systems out there.  But before you buy one, you should double check if your heating and cooling system will work with HōlHōm.

It’s easy to check.  Just go to your existing thermostat and take off the front cover so you can see wires and where they connect on the thermostat (usually on a terminal block).  It’s easiest in most cases to just take a picture that clearly shows the wire colors and the labels on the terminal block.

After you have a picture, come back here and just click all the places that a wire is connected.  That’s it.

If you see see wire nuts or heavy stranded wires HōlHōm won’t work for you.

Sometimes the wires on the thermostat have two labels.  This is because there are two different basic types of heating and cooling systems; conventional and heat pumps.  It’s probably a good idea for you to figure out which you have if you don’t already know before you use the compatibility checker.

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Looking for Technical Details?

HōlHōm/HōlHōm+ thermostats are compatible with the following types of heating and cooling systems:

  • 24 Volt AC systems with or without a common wire
  • Conventional furnaces with 1 or 2 stages of heating
  • Conventional Air Conditioners with 1 or 2 stages of cooling
  • 1 or 2 stage Heat Pumps with 0 or 1 stages of auxiliary heat
  • Heat Pumps with reversing valve on in heat or on in cool
  • Dual transformer systems (Rh and Rc wires) with 1 stage of heat

HōlHōm/HōlHōm+ Thermostats support the following optional features:

  • Heat Pump fault sensor
  • 2-wire Outdoor temperature sensor with 10 kOhm thermistor
  • Air filter sensor

The following types of heating and cooling systems are not supported:

  • Heat Pumps with 2 or more Aux heat stages
    • Only 1 stage of Aux heat is supported
  • Multi-Zone Thermostats
    • Each HōlHōm/HōlHōm+ thermostat can only control 1 zone
  • Line Voltage Systems (for example baseboard heating)
    • HōlHōm/HōlHōm+ only supports 24V systems, not 120V or 240V
  • Proprietary Communication Protocols between HVAC and thermostat
    • For example Carrier Infinity, Bryant Evolution, and the fully modulating Ruud/Rheem systems

Installation Information

HōlHōm/HōlHōm+ full installation instructions are available on the “Get Started” section of this website.

Generic HVAC system Installation by Gray Furnace Man.

Professional Installation Option

Professional Installation Services are available through:

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